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    Species Breed Material type Samples Male
    First collected Last collected Percent of material with EU legislation sanitary status at the time of sampling Availability of material
    Species Breed Material type Samples Male
    First collected Last collected Percent of material with EU legislation sanitary status at the time of sampling Availability of material
    CHICKENSárga magyarSemen1055670201620220 %only for owner
    CHICKENSárga magyarPrimordial Germ Cells1208733201820180 %only for owner
    CHICKENSárga magyarDNA602040200220170 %only for owner
    CHICKENSárga magyarBlood64758589200220170 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos magyarSemen893350201620210 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos magyarOvarian tissue32016201820210 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos magyarPrimordial Germ Cells1118130201920190 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos magyarDNA902070200220220 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos magyarBlood63455579200220220 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér magyarSemen875350201620200 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér magyarOvarian tissue36018201820180 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér magyarPrimordial Germ Cells604218201920190 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér magyarDNA602040200220170 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér magyarBlood65865593200220170 %only for owner
    CHICKENFogolyszínű magyar tyúkSemen1093670201420220 %only for owner
    CHICKENFogolyszínű magyar tyúkOvarian tissue51025201720210 %only for owner
    CHICKENFogolyszínű magyar tyúkPrimordial Germ Cells635112201720170 %only for owner
    CHICKENFogolyszínű magyar tyúkDNA1003070200220220 %only for owner
    CHICKENFogolyszínű magyar tyúkBlood70069631200220220 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér erdélyi kopasznyakúSemen961600201720180 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér erdélyi kopasznyakúOvarian tissue39019201820210 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér erdélyi kopasznyakúPrimordial Germ Cells422418202120210 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér erdélyi kopasznyakúDNA902070200220220 %only for owner
    CHICKENFehér erdélyi kopasznyakúBlood78669717200220220 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos erdélyi kopasznyakúSemen858350201520200 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos erdélyi kopasznyakúOvarian tissue25012201720170 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos erdélyi kopasznyakúPrimordial Germ Cells633330201520150 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos erdélyi kopasznyakúDNA602040200220170 %only for owner
    CHICKENKendermagos erdélyi kopasznyakúBlood59052538200220170 %only for owner
    TURKEYRézpulykaSemen334400201720210 %only for owner
    TURKEYRézpulykaDNA641648201320190 %only for owner
    TURKEYRézpulykaBlood821864201320190 %only for owner
    TURKEYBronzpulykaSemen308350201620200 %only for owner
    TURKEYBronzpulykaDNA641648201320190 %only for owner
    TURKEYBronzpulykaBlood821864201320190 %only for owner
    GUINEA FOWLMagyar parlagi gyöngytyúkSemen4591070201520210 %only for owner
    GUINEA FOWLMagyar parlagi gyöngytyúkDNA622339201320190 %only for owner
    GUINEA FOWLMagyar parlagi gyöngytyúkBlood622339201320190 %only for owner
    HONEY BEECarniolan honeybeeSemen1519060202020220 %only for owner
    HONEY BEECarniolan honeybeeDNA5010501201720220 %only for owner
    SHEEPGyimesi rackaDNA29101920162021100 %only for owner
    SHEEPGyimesi rackaBlood77166120162021100 %only for owner
    SHEEPSárgafejű berkeDNA1501520162021100 %only for owner
    SHEEPSárgafejű berkeBlood2892026920162021100 %only for owner
    SHEEPCiktaDNA1501520162020100 %only for owner
    SHEEPCiktaBlood3213120162020100 %only for owner
    SHEEPAlföldi suta rackaBlood3352820212022100 %only for owner
    CATTLEMagyar SzürkeBlood42220162017100 %only for owner
    HORSEHuculDNA21120172017100 %only for owner
    HORSEHuculBlood21120172017100 %only for owner
    HORSEMagyar hidegvéruDNA5144720172017100 %only for owner
    HORSEMagyar hidegvéruBlood5144720172017100 %only for owner
    DOGPuliSemen182020202021100 %only for owner
    DOGPuliDNA42220182022100 %only for owner
    DOGPuliBlood30161420182022100 %only for owner
    DOGPumiSemen673020192021100 %only for owner
    DOGPumiDNA65120182021100 %only for owner
    DOGPumiBlood71333820182021100 %only for owner
    DOGMudiSemen722020212021100 %only for owner
    DOGMudiDNA50232720182021100 %only for owner
    DOGMudiBlood55233220182021100 %only for owner
    DOGKuvaszSemen1493020192021100 %only for owner
    DOGKuvaszDNA67293820182022100 %only for owner
    DOGKuvaszBlood1938011320182022100 %only for owner
    DOGKomondorSemen1053020212021100 %only for owner
    DOGKomondorDNA94520182021100 %only for owner
    DOGKomondorBlood54243020182021100 %only for owner
    DOGRövidszőrű magyar vizslaSemen211020212021100 %only for owner
    DOGRövidszőrű magyar vizslaDNA76334320182021100 %only for owner
    DOGRövidszőrű magyar vizslaBlood1756610920182021100 %only for owner
    DOGDrótszőrű magyar vizslaSemen682020212021100 %only for owner
    DOGDrótszőrű magyar vizslaDNA64220182022100 %only for owner
    DOGDrótszőrű magyar vizslaBlood30161420182022100 %only for owner
    DOGErdélyi kopóSemen1034020212021100 %only for owner
    DOGErdélyi kopóDNA96320182021100 %only for owner
    DOGErdélyi kopóBlood86414520182021100 %only for owner
    DOGMagyar agárSemen1069020202021100 %only for owner
    DOGMagyar agárDNA21120182021100 %only for owner
    DOGMagyar agárBlood1676610120182021100 %only for owner
    CHICKENFekete erdélyi kopasznyakúSemen850700201620180 %only for owner
    CHICKENFekete erdélyi kopasznyakúOvarian tissue1909201720210 %only for owner
    CHICKENFekete erdélyi kopasznyakúPrimordial Germ Cells816912201920190 %only for owner
    CHICKENFekete erdélyi kopasznyakúDNA602040200220170 %only for owner
    CHICKENFekete erdélyi kopasznyakúBlood80372731200220170 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Magyar lúdSemen53200202020200 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Magyar lúdOvarian tissue1105202120210 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Magyar lúdDNA641648201320190 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Magyar lúdBlood821864201320190 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Fodrostollú lúdSemen209900201620190 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Fodrostollú lúdDNA641648201320190 %only for owner
    GOOSE(DOMESTIC)Fodrostollú lúdBlood821864201320190 %only for owner
    DUCK(DOMESTIC)Fehér magyar kacsaSemen208300201820180 %only for owner
    DUCK(DOMESTIC)Fehér magyar kacsaDNA641648201320190 %only for owner
    DUCK(DOMESTIC)Fehér magyar kacsaBlood821864201320190 %only for owner
    DUCK(DOMESTIC)Tarka magyar kacsaSemen459500201720190 %only for owner
    DUCK(DOMESTIC)Tarka magyar kacsaDNA641648201320190 %only for owner
    DUCK(DOMESTIC)Tarka magyar kacsaBlood821864201320190 %only for owner

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