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    What is EUGENA


    The European region, through its Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources, has established the European Genebank Network for AnGR (EUGENA). The EUGENA is a network of Member Genebanks in European countries with aim to support the ex situ conservation and sustainable use of AnGR and facilitate the implementation of the FAO’s GPA and the Nagoya Protocol for ABS in Europe.

    EUGENA is working based on Terms of Reference (which can be downloaded here). EUGENA itself does not constitute a legal entity but operates by its member genebanks collectively. The Member Genebanks operate in accordance with their respective national rules.

    Any genetic material in the Member Genebanks remains under full sovereignty and responsibility of the Member Country and its Member Genebank(s)



    WHAT IS:

    A genebank for AnGR is a repository for ex situ conservation and sustainable use of AnGR held by a host institution authorized and/or recognized by a national authority to fulfill these tasks. A genebank may be constituted by one or more repositories (in vitro or in vivo) collaborating as a network

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